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30th Jun 2021 Tax The EU VAT e-commerce package: how accounting can help The EU is expanding the ‘one-stop’ system for reporting and paying VAT across the bloc to include all distance sales of services and intracommunity sale of goods. The updated schemes are together known as the EU VAT E-commerce Package. What does it mean for UK businesses and how can you adapt? 7th Apr 2021 Update on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
The last date to submit your claim for March 2021 is just a week away, 14th April 2021.

Read our full blog post for more information about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme extension.
3rd Mar 2021 Budget 2021 Everything your business needs to know 4th Jan 2021 PREPARING FOR A NEW FINANCIAL YEAR For many of you managing your own business, you will now be preparing for the new financial year. It takes a lot of effort and passion to start your own business and even more to keep it growing! Whatever your business, when you are in the early stages, the hours are very long and there is a huge amount to consider. 25th Nov 2020 CHRISTMAS RULES The festive period is such an important time for so many to come together over the holidays. The UK Government and Devolved Administrations have recognised that people will want to be with their friends and family over Christmas, particularly after an incredibly difficult year. For this reason, the government is changing some social contact restrictions for a short period of time.  22nd Nov 2020 Tax SELECTING THE RIGHT ACCOUNTANT If you’re a small business, you may know your own products and services in depth, but understanding the ins and outs of your company tax affairs is a very different undertaking.  If you're considering taking the next step and appointing an Accountant, we've outlined why this can make very good business sense. 16th Nov 2020 HOW TO GIVE EMPLOYEES A GIFT THIS CHRISTMAS

Employers looking to give a Christmas bonus to employees this year should think about giving them a gift rather than cash payment. However, in order to ensure that this is not a taxable gift, it is important to ensure that the trivial benefits in kind (BiK) rules apply.


If you still need to complete a self-assessment tax return, please do not hold onto your records until lockdown lifts, we are open behind closed doors and you are welcome to send in your records to our offices as soon as possible.

5th Nov 2020 Business OPEN BEHIND CLOSED DOORS We just want to assure you all that depsite the new Lockdown Restrictions, we continue to operate as normal. We know our clients depend on us for ongoing accountancy services. We are here to support you and continue to provide our services through this very challenging time. 28th Sep 2020 Business CLAIMING TAX BACK WHILST WORKING FROM HOME Following the Prime Minister's announcement last week, asking the Nation to work from home where possible, your home office could be in use for another six months. 21st Sep 2020 Business Changes to claims for wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Key changes to the Furlough Scheme see a gradual reduction in the level of contribution that the Government will make towards the costs of furloughed staff.   4th Mar 2020 Budget 2020 Predictions The first Budget in more than 18 months is almost here, and speculation over its contents, particularly following the latest warnings about the potential costs of coronavirus to the economy is rife.

This will be the UK’s first Budget outisde of the EU in four decades and with the outbreak of Covid-19, new Chancellor Rishi Sunak has a lot to consider. We have focused on the areas likely to affect businesses like yours and what to expect. 

1st Dec 2019 Are you considering buying a new business? The business market can be tricky to navigate without the right advice. We've selected some top tips to help you manage the process effectively.

28th Feb 2018 Tax Tax Saving Tips ahead of Year End 5th April 2018 As 5th April looms and the end of the 2017/18 tax year gets ever closer, we have put together sometop tips on how to manage your business and personal finances to ensure you minimise your tax liability.  16th Feb 2018 Tax VAT Changes for small businesses
In the last Budget, a commitment was made to keep the VAT registration threshold at its current level of £85,000 until March 2020. This is extremely good news to many small businesses whose profits would be hit hard if they were forced to register for VAT.
14th Feb 2018 Tax Changes to tax for Partnerships
Changes were proposed in the Autumn Budget to clarify the tax treatment for Partnership businesses. Some draft legislation has been released which aims to make it clearer, in partnership tax returns, who the ultimate partners in a partnership are, their residence status (UK resident or non-UK resident) and what their share of the taxable profits is.
1st Feb 2018 Business Today is the Day...Pension deadline for small businesses Business Owners throughout the UK must automatically sign up all employees to a pension scheme which they must legally contribute towards, unless an employee decides to opt out.

1st Feb 2018 Business The Autumn Budget Philip Hammond delivered an upbeat message in his Autumn Budget statement, despite the disappointing news that growth projections for the UK economy have been revised significantly downwards. Perhaps the uncertainties associated with Brexit are now starting to bite, with businesses reining back on investment and expansion.  1st Feb 2018 Fun West Kirby Grotto The Christmas tunes were on full blast as Albert House was transformed into a Winter Wonderland for GRC’s annual Grotto last December.  We’re delighted to announce that the annual event raised over £1500 in aid of Wirral Kids this year! 17th Jan 2018 Tax Changes to Landlords Taxation We've put together a guide to some of the key tax changes affecting landlords which will help you manage the properties you own and make sure you meet the guidelines set by HMRC.  21st Jun 2017 Tax Tax & Finance Changes for 2017 A number of tax and finance changes are set to take place in 2017
20th Jun 2017 Fun To be or not be?

Exciting times for GRC this week as we sponsor the Hillbark Players open-air production of Hamlet.


14th Jun 2017 Business | Tax Car Fuel These rates can be used from 1st December 2016 to calculate the petrol content of mileage rates paid to employees, or as a basis to repay private petrol provided by employers for the use of a company car.
7th Jun 2017 Business Embrace Cloud Accounting In little more than a year, April 2018, HMRC have disclosed that certain businesses will need to upload quarterly accounts data to HMRC, and by 2020, all businesses will need to comply.
31st May 2017 Business | Tax New Lifetime ISA The Lifetime ISA, available from 6 April 2017, can be accessed to put towards a first home or once the account holder turns 60.  24th May 2017 Business | Tax National Insurance Changes Winners & Losers Tax campaigners have warned that the abolition of Class 2 National Insurance contributions from April 2018 could result in the lowest earners among the self-employed being hardest hit.
17th May 2017 Business 10 Reasons You Need a Business Plan A Business Plan helps you to Clarify your business idea, Spot potential problems, Set out your goals, Measure your progress
2nd May 2017 Business I'd like to change Accountants but I am worried that it may be a complicated process We get approached with this question so often we thought it was time to allay a few fears.  26th Apr 2017 Business | Tax Salary Sacrifice Changes From April 2017, most salary sacrifice schemes will be subject to the same tax regime as cash income. 25th Apr 2017 Tax Tax Free Childcare The long-awaited tax-free childcare scheme will launch on 28 April 2017 and will be rolled out during the course of the year.

19th Apr 2017 Business | Fun Are you ready for the New £1 Coin? The new coin has a number of features that make it much more difficult to counterfeit: 
12th Apr 2017 Tax Will your VAT Flat Rate increase in April? HMRC’s Flat Rate VAT scheme is very popular with small businesses, designed to simplify your records of sales and purchases.

28th Mar 2017 Bookkeeping Manage your business on the go with Xero We're often asked by businesses to recommend accounting software and we've found a real business champion in Xero. 

Log in online anytime, anywhere from your  PC, tablet or mobile and Xero provides real time financials. It’s small business accounting software that’s secure, efficient and very user friendly with all the tools you need to grow your business. And as certified Xero advisers we're always on hand to provide expert advice if you get stuck!

28th Mar 2017 Business Are you ready for the New £1 Coin? The new coin is launching today but will your business be ready for it? 
The new coin has a number of features that make it much more difficult to counterfeit: 
28th Mar 2017 Tax How much should you be saving for the future? We are always told we need to save more for our retirement, but with rising living costs and Brexit on the horizon, how much should we be saving to ensure we are comfortable in our later years?

So to earn a pension of at least £20,000 per annum, how much should you put away each month?
14th Mar 2017 Dividend break reduced from £5k to £2k Launched in the Spring budget 2016 by then Chancellor George Osborne, the £5,000 tax-free dividend allowance to encourage shareholder investment is to be slashed to £2,000 from April 2018.

8th Mar 2017 Business | Tax How has today's budget impacted on you? Does a budget in the shadow of Brexit leaves Hammond short of choices

Philip Hammond’s first budget took place today. We've gathered together a snapshot of the headlines that are likely to affect you or your business.
1st Feb 2017 HMRC genuine and phishing / bogus e-mails and calls HMRC has issued a warning about two telephone scams of which they have become aware:  18th Jan 2017 Business New Company requirements now in effect New company legislation recently came into effect, requiring all UK private companies and UK LLPs (with limited exceptions) to create and maintain a register of ‘persons with significant control’ (PSCs) and file relevant information annually with Companies House.  11th Jan 2017 Business Business Rates Revalued From 30 September 2016, anyone in England and Wales that pays business rates go online to check their new draft rateable value. From this they can estimate what their business rates will be from April 2017.  4th Jan 2017 Fun 5 people with the surname MONEY There aren’t many around, and three of the five people featured here seem to be in the music industry. But not too tight to mention. 23rd Dec 2016 Tax Claiming backpre-trading costs G enerally speaking, any business expenditure that you make up to seven years before you actually start trading, is treated for tax purposes as if it was incurred on the first day of trading.  21st Dec 2016 Fun Ben’s Volunteering role
Occasionally, one member of GRC’s dedicated team can be spotted dashing out of
Albert House at a moment’s notice to attend a coastal emergency.
16th Dec 2016 Tax Are you paying rates on Second Homes or Empty Property? You may like to check out the following points. In many cases it would seem that local authorities have overall control over who can, or cannot, claim for reduced rates.  7th Dec 2016 Business | Tax The 10 most common online Self-Assessment issues The deadline of the 31st January 2017 is fast approaching for filing 2015/16 Self Assessments online, thousands will probably file late and 50% will leave filing until January.  16th Nov 2016 Business | Tax Companies House Filing Deadlines & Penalties A reminder that you will have to pay penalties if you don’t file your accounts with Companies House by the appropriate filing deadline. Generally speaking, accounts will need to be filed nine months after a company’s financial year end.  11th Nov 2016 Tax InheritanceTax: The silent tax collector The government’s receipts from inheritance tax (IHT) have been rising much faster than the yield from other taxes. In a recent report on the changing nature of UK tax revenues, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) noted that “There is an increased reliance on smaller taxes.” It attributed this shift to the political difficulties in raising rates of the major taxes, such as VAT, fuel duty and income tax.  12th Oct 2016 Business | Tax In Brief... Is it time to go green? Tax-FreePerks & VAT on Tips 5th Oct 2016 5 Board Games about In Brief... Money From well-known games like Monopoly, to the newer but wildly popular Day trader, there are a number of fun, educational board games available to help people develop and master their financial management skills.Or not..! 28th Sep 2016 Fun Gareth’s other passion Alongside crunching numbers, supporting Liverpool FC and adding to the profits of a number of international brewing organisations, Gareth has another passion...... 21st Sep 2016 Capital Gains Tax changes for 2016/17 Changes to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Entrepreneurs’ Relief Claims have been introduced in the Finance Bill 2016. 14th Sep 2016 How to trace lost Pension Pots In a bid to help people locate their lost pension pots,the PensionTracing Service has launched a new website. 7th Sep 2016 What is a CT61? Although most banks and building societies do not have to deduct Income Tax from interest payments they make to depositors from April 2016, the same does not apply to others that pay interest. 31st Aug 2016 Business | Tax What are the tax issues related to a Home Office? Working from home is a popular option for business owners and employees. Assuming you need to create office space you could either convert an existing room, loft, or garage or build a new structure in the garden. 24th Aug 2016 Business | Tax BREXIT Implications The big news over the last month has been the referendum in which the UK electorate chose to exit the European Union. But how might this affect your money? 17th Aug 2016 Business Have you accessed your Personal Tax Account? HMRC are advising employers that their employees may benefit from accessing their Personal Tax Account. 1st Jul 2016 Business Are you‘In Business’? If you have received a letter from HMRC querying whether you run a real business, you are not alone. 29th Jun 2016 5 great Novels about money Money may not be able to buy you love, but it has been a good subject for contemporary novelists. Here are five that could be worth a read... 
27th Jun 2016 Business Trivial Benefits When you give a bunch of flowers to your employee to say ‘congratulations’ or ‘get well soon’, do you expect them to be taxed 24th Jun 2016 5 great Plays about Money From hilarious farces to gripping dramas, many playwrights have chosen to base their plays around the subjects of money and finance. Below, in no particular order, are 5 of the most memorable:

24th Jun 2016 Tax Tax-FreeMeals Employees who are away from their main workplace because they are working at a temporary site, or are travelling for business reasons, can claim reimbursement for the cost of meals eaten during those periods. 22nd Jun 2016 Business Junior ISAs We like Junior ISA's. There are two types, cash, and stocks and shares, the maximum investment for 2015-16 being £4,080. 
31st May 2016 Bookkeeping | Business | Tax Taxing Dividends from April 2016 In the Summer 2015 Budget, George Osborne announced fundamental changes to the way in which dividends are taxed and HMRC have issued a factsheet setting out examples of how the new regime will work. 28th May 2016 Tax Helping you Save Money in 2016 HM Treasury have published a number of money saving strategies that are available this year. 25th May 2016 Tax Important Tax Break for SMEs Believe it or not, HMRC is keen for you to claim tax relief on research and development costs if you are a small or medium-sized business. 9th Feb 2016 Tax Proposed Tax Reforms 2016 The government has published its intention to change a number of tax reporting issues this year... 30th Nov -0001 Business Have you accessed your Personal Tax Account? HMRC are advising employers that their employees may benefit from accessing their Personal Tax Account. 30th Nov -0001 Business Have you accessed your Personal Tax Account? HMRC are advising employers that their employees may benefit from accessing their Personal Tax Account. 30th Nov -0001 Business Following the Prime Minister's announcement last week, asking the Nation to work from home where possible, your home office could be in use for another six months.

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