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5 Board Games about In Brief... Money 5th Oct 2016

The Payday game board is set up like a monthly calendar and you must get through the month to get to your payday. The month is full of financial bonuses,such as winning the lottery, and financial pitfalls,such as extra bills or bad investments. You play for as many months as you like, and whoever has the most money at the end,wins the game.


The world’s best-selling classic property-owning board game now comes in a myriad of versions, but the basic premise remains the same. Buy property,mortgage it, collect rent, and erect buildings while trying to avoid being thrown in jail and running out of money. Take a Chance or a Community Chest.And don’t forget to pass“Go”...


Daytraderis a really funny and educational financial board game that brings you the thrills and chills of investing in the stock market. This is your chance to become a fast thinking, investment-savvy day trader; but first... get a job! First,work at the companies on the board to scrape together some cash so you can make trades in the companies you work for. The more employees a company has, the higher the company's stock price. Buy a company's stock when it's priced low and sell it when it's high to maximize your gains and create greater wealth.When you have enough cash to retire be the first to get to the bank before the volatile market sets you back. If you can do that, you win! A brilliantly designed game paying homage to the golden age of finance.


Known in French as"Le Fortuniste", Ratrace is all about social success. You start out in life with £200, a Credit Card and a Business in the Working Class (outer ring of the board) and your objective is to get into the Middle Class and eventually High Society (inner ring).You'll have to face the usual: running your business, paying taxes,getting an education, joining social clubs and much more.You win by retiringwith£100,000.From a Waddington ad dated 1976:"A macho game of Social Climbing, do you have what it takes to be a success?Get in the Rat race! You'll bite and claw your way to the top.You'll never know when you might need the skills this game will teach you -in real life!"

Trump, The Game:

In Trump: the Game players compete in two parts. In the first part, players circle the board, feeding money into the eight available properties, then bidding on those properties (not being able to see how much the property is worth) and collecting Trump cards :-). When all the properties are gone, the negotiation phase begins. Players use their Trump cards to buy and sell properties, some cards award huge payoffs for specific sets. After each player has passed their turn, the property values are revealed, and the player with the most money wins (usually in the$400-$600Mrange). Strangely enough, insulting Mexicans, building huge walls and starting Twitter feuds are not part of this game. But if you’ve always wanted to be a flying-haired orange-coloured property mogul, it’s the one for you!

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