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10 Reasons You Need a Business Plan 17th May 2017 Business
Approximately a third of all SME’s in the UK don’t have a Business Plan, that’s about 1.5m businesses, so if you don’t have one, here are some reasons why you should prepare one:

1. Research shows that SME’s with Business Plans make 20% more profit.
2. Having a business plan doubles your chances of increasing profits, increasing revenue, attracting new clients.
3. A well-researched business plan which includes the right figures and realistic forecasts will reassure potential investors you are a sensible
 Investment opportunity.
4. A Business Plan will help you set out and achieve your goals.
5. It will help you set goals for your managers and staff.
6. The Business Plan will help you plan your cash flow and forecast Capital Expenditure.
7. A Business Plan will help you secure Business Finance and Loans.
8. You can plan your succession strategy or prepare the business for sale.
9. A Business Plan tests the feasibility of your business idea.
10. It will help you plan for the recruitment of Staff.

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